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Checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility migration

Transitioning Smoothly: Upgrade Your Shopify Checkout Experience

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As Shopify prepares to retire Checkout.liquid on August 13, 2024, it's important to note that Checkout.liquid will no longer be operational thereafter. To ensure uninterrupted service, we recommend transitioning to extensibility.

Address Validator seamlessly aligns with Checkout Extensions, guaranteeing uninterrupted address validation capabilities. Whether you're currently leveraging Checkout.liquid or have migrated to Checkout Extensions, rest assured that Address Validator seamlessly integrates with both versions.

Key Features of Address Validator with Checkout Extensibility:

  • Consistent Functionality: Address Validator maintains its essential address validation features with Checkout Extensions.

  • Interface Update: Expect changes in the user interface and customization options, with prompts now embedded within the checkout flow. (Please remember to adjust your customization options by going to the App Dashboard > Address Prompts)

  • Continuous Improvement: While initial limitations may exist, rest assured that we're dedicated to enhancing Address Validator's features as Shopify releases more APIs.

Advantages of the new Checkout Extensibility prompts:

  • Address Validator now automatically loads prompts, streamlining the checkout process for your customers.

  • Prompts are triggered as soon as customers leave the address field, reducing clicks and enhancing overall user experience.

Understanding the Distinctions

While our app maintains the essential address validation functionality found in the previous checkout.liquid version, there are noteworthy differences worth highlighting.

In Checkout Extensibility, prompts can solely be embedded into the Customer Info Step. Below is a screenshot illustrating this placement above the address form:

In contrast to Checkout.liquid, where customers must interact with the "Pay Now/proceed to payment" button to access our prompts, Checkout Extensibility automatically loads prompts after a customer exits the address field. This streamlined process reduces clicks, thereby minimizing Checkout Friction:

Address validation rules, including PO Box validation, addresses with missing house numbers, and addresses with emojis, remain consistent.

Currently, customization options such as color schemes and custom CSS are not available. Nevertheless, we're committed to enhancing the extension in tandem with Shopify's API updates.

Here are the steps to follow upon migrating to the new Checkout Extensibility:

To begin, it's essential to confirm that the store migration was executed accurately. You can refer to the official Shopify article for detailed instructions on the migration process: Checkout Extensibility upgrade guide

After ensuring that you've successfully migrated to the new Checkout Extensibility, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Address Validator > App Dashboard > Settings > Other Settings (Ensure the appropriate checkout is selected).

  2. Complete the app setup by following these instructions:

  • Access your store's settings in Shopify.

  • Select Checkout > Customize your checkout.

  • Enter the checkout editor.

  • Determine where you want our prompts to appear (Checkout page, Thank You page).

  • Click "Add App" at the bottom left corner.

  • Select the Address Validator extension.

  • Upon completing these steps, you should encounter a confirmation message indicating that the app is configured to load during checkout.

Finally, you might find it beneficial to review these two articles:

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us by simply opening a chat box in the bottom right corner or schedule some time with us!

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