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Mastering Address Prompts: A Comprehensive Guide to Personalization
Mastering Address Prompts: A Comprehensive Guide to Personalization

Customizing Address Prompts in Address Validator

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Address Prompts are the first interaction your customers will have with Address Validator, to ensure a seamless user experience by customizing the Address Prompts in the Address Validator app. Here's how:

1. Understanding Address Prompts:

  • Unverifiable Addresses:

    • Prompted when an address is too ambiguous or invalid, or when the apartment/unit number is missing.
      (Address does not exist)

  • Suggested Addresses:

    • Displayed when an address has minor issues like typos, misspellings, formatting errors, abbreviation issues or mismatched zip codes/cities.

2. Accessing Address Prompts:

  • Go to the App Dashboard.

  • Select "Address Prompts."

  • Navigate to "General Customizations."

3. Customizing Language:

  • Tailor the language of the prompts to match your brand's tone or specific requirements.

  • Ensure clarity and consistency in communication with customers.

By customizing these prompts, you can enhance user understanding and streamline the address validation process.

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us by simply opening a chat box in the bottom right corner or schedule some time with us!

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